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Michael “Monty” Widenius’s crusade against the Oracle-Sun buyout continues as he once again implores nations around the world to take action against the $7.4 billion deal.

Disappointed at EU’s disinterest in “the freedom of MySQL”, the former owner of the open-source DBMS is now turning his attention to the Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China. “They are powerful, self-confident and open-source-friendly”, says Widenius. “They have every right and opportunity to do a better job on this than the EU.”

Here’s a problem, Monty – none of these countries cares about the word “freedom”. Had you really given a damn about such thing, you would not have rested your hope on governments that were known for the brutal treatment of civilians and the murdering of human-right activists, would you? Or worse, still, sold out MySQL in the first place for 1 billion pieces of silver? Come on, Widenius – we all understand your desire to pick up MySQL from the bargain bin, but can’t you just be a bit more subtle with your dealings than a brick to the cranium?

#1 Posted by DrLoser on Jan 20, 2010 11:48 AM

It’s pure idiocy. Five little letters and a fork; I mean, that’s two hundred million per letter.

Has anybody pointed out to Monty that PostgreSQL has been a more than moderately successful reincarnation of Ingres?

And why doesn’t he enter in to negotiations with Ellison? I rather doubt that Oracle bought Sun on the basis of intellectual rights to MySQL. I’d bet that 10% of the original price, plus a king-sized basket of KFC, would get the silly thing back where it belongs.

#2 Posted by KOMMENTER on Jan 20, 2010 2:07 PM

When you sell something for 1 BILLION DOLLARS you don’t have another say in the mater, MySQL isn’t the be all end all of free software, nor does it mater that much to Oracle (different markets, 1 high end, the other low end).
Wouldn’t be surprised if oracle actually keeps MySQL the way it is and just uses it as the cheap product for crappy servers.

But seriously… Russia and China?
Is this guy like, “special” or something?

#3 Posted by administrator on Jan 20, 2010 4:47 PM

This is quite possibly the best example of outsourcing I’ve ever seen. Let your software be “free” by pleading with draconian nations to do your dirty work.

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