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(Nicked from OMGCC for great justice)

I am feeling too lazy to write anything about this tripe, so let’s play a game here:

Put in the comment section the TM(s) you see in the article. All TMs you cite must be those in our current collection and not ones that you have made up on the spot. You are not allowed to use any of my “umbrella” trademarks, either.

Have fun.

#1 Posted by imgx64 on Aug 26, 2011 3:58 AM

The title might be misleading, and he gets a little wrong towards the end, but I think that the blog post is not bad (unless you think anyone mentioning Linux is a loon, in which case I have nothing to say).

First, the most important thing is that he says why HE (or his wife, apparently) is using Ubuntu, NOT why EVERYONE should ditch Windows and start using Ubuntu immediately. He’s telling his story, not evangelizing Linux. In my book, this is the difference between a Linux user and a Linux loon.

0- The title “10 Reasons Why I’m Done With Windows” is misleading. It’s mostly about why Ubuntu is good enough for him, not why Windows is bad. Besides, saying he’s “done with Windows” means he won’t use it on other computers, which is obviously false.

0.5- “Windows XP wouldn’t reinstall for some reason”: That’s odd. I suspect either a hardware failure (bad CD drive?) or PEBKAC).

1- “I’m fed up with Windows activation.”: He’s fed up with Windows activation. Having to call customer support every once in a while isn’t the end of the world, but it’s inconvenient. And you know what beats it? Not having to call customer support.

2- “Ubuntu is lovely”: That’s his subjective opinion. He even says right there that it’s “Not a perfect product yet”. If it WorksForHim, why shouldn’t he use it?

3- “There are now enough replacement applications to make transition easy”: He doesn’t need the extra features Microsoft Office has over LibreOffice and Thunderbird.

4- “Free is an unbeatable price”: And indeed it is. Do you have a problem with people saving money? How about buying things on sale? Or using Groupon?

5- “It’s the Internet baby”: Maybe we’re not in a world were we can do everything online yet, but we’re slowly moving there (personally, I’m not a fan of this trend, but there is nothing I can do about it).

6- “Linux makes older hardware sizzle”: Maybe not Ubuntu compared to XP, but it’s generally true.

7- “The edge finally works on Linux”: Linux has improved since he last used it. I think this point is redundant, point 2 says the same thing.

8- “Ubuntu is totally non-geek friendly”: Maybe, maybe not. I’m a non-non-geek, so I can’t judge myself, but I lean towards the “it’s not totally non-geek friendly” side.

9- “Windows is expensive and bad value for money”: Uhh, point 4, anyone? I think he’s just padding to get to “10 points”. Oh, and Windows is much cheaper than that because it usually comes pre-installed, and the upgrade price is cheaper. The full price is only paid by people who build their own computers, or used to use pirated copies and now want to go “genuine” for some reason.

10- “Security is a nice warm fluffy penguin feeling”: Things go haywire from here to the end of the blog post. Why did he have to ruin it? mumble mumble

To be continued…

#2 Posted by imgx64 on Aug 26, 2011 3:58 AM

“Are we in the process of replacing our long time dictator with one more benign? Is Free-dom round the corner for us all?”

%@#! Everything was going so well, but he turned into a loon in the last sentence. sigh

#3 Posted by DrLoser on Aug 26, 2011 5:33 AM


Point taken. He isn’t a Loon (1-9), he’s an enthusiast. He’s still drunk the kool-aid, though.

1- A vanishingly small number of people even notice Windows activation. Once done, done forever.
2- It’s quite possibly not his subjective opinion (unless he is aesthetically challenged in the extreme). I suspect his kool-aid-fired opinion is AnybodyButMicrosoft™, and hence he is prepared to don RoseTintedGlasses™.
3- These extra features would include working, reliably sending mail, producing documents that do not lose important information (my mobile phone on my CV) or a spreadsheet? Fair enough. YouDontNeedThat™.
4- Your contraposition is misleading. Oh, and FreeAsInBeer™, btw. I don’t have a problem with any of that. I just don’t see how anybody, even earning minimum wage, can sensibly regard Linux as “free.”
5- And it’s X, baby. Sorry mate, but I’d rather have a reliable platform from which to launch my browser. TheFutureIsCloudy™.
6- Maybe not Ubuntu? But Ubuntu is beautiful! He says so himself! Besides, FinalSolutionToHardwareProblems™. Mostly the sizzle is what you hear before all the caps simultaneously blow and the disk drive eats itself. Lousy power management is less than helpful in this regard.
7- I don’t even know what that means. (I’ve taken a leaf out of Adam’s book and failed to read the article.)
8- LinuxForGrannies™. I’ll reluctantly accept your “maybe, maybe not” ... right up to the point where something goes wrong. As it always will. Often with the first update, just as the downloaded AlphaIsBetaIsFinal™ grabs the 35MB of files that actually should have been part of the install package. The minute something goes wrong, it’s CLI time and LongPHPCodes™. Yup, uber-ungeek-double-plus-friendly.
9- To all intents and purposes, Windows is free. If the linux desktop ever manages a decent OEM system from say Dell with Ubuntu (whatever) replacing Windows, then we can talk. Besides, fifty bucks is fifty bucks. Does the man use toilet paper, or does he just politely ask his next-door neighbour if he can have his used copies of the National Enquirer after he’s done with them?
10- I’m with you on this one. Except that I see it as the triumphant cherry on the top of a particularly rancid limburger cheesecake.

#4 Posted by ChrisTX on Aug 26, 2011 11:16 AM

1. In XP the activation is really somewhat bad compared as to NT6. In NT6, you ever your key and are never bothered again.
2. So does Windows 7. Except for the part that it rarely has any issues at all.
3. Outlook Express? You srs? Bitches don’t know bout my Windows Live Mail.
Also, all I see here, is an attempt to replace Windows apps. Not a point.
4. It’s not. Free does not mean = best ROI. Not even at home.
I have still to see the self-proclaimed Linux expert using only a single feature which W7 Home Premium does not have. That, by the way, was $50 as for upgrade at one point.
5. What the fsck I don’t even know what to say.
6. Ahhh totally. Windows 7 can’t run on 512Mb RAM machines etc.
7. What’s that for a point?
8. Again, this is not a point, this is a premise.
9. Apparently he’s running out of points. Duplicate of 4.
10. Ridiculuous. When Linux is developed using fuzzing, static verification, secure APIs, threat models and unit tests, we might be able to discuss that one.
O rite, Ulrich Drepper says: If you need either of these, your program is broken!

Notice how all of his points consist of, Linux can do X, too! There isn’t a single point on why I would use Linux in the first place, any advantage or some. Except for it’s cheaper. $50 bucks totally make a difference for your average PC in pricing.

#5 Posted by Ian on Aug 26, 2011 11:45 AM

#1 and 9 are the most, well, pointless points.

I recently did a factory reset on two computers and neither time was I EVER asked for an activation key. Not only that, but it wasn’t Windows that asked for personal information, but HP.

The same would be true for almost everyone, as most people buy their computers and have Windows preinstalled, except for a couple steps (naming the computer and entering a username and password).

Too pricey? Says who? Once again Windows is preinstalled and consumers have no idea how much it adds on to the price tag, and as we see it is little to nothing.

OEM’s get paid to put software trials on the computers (which I don’t mind to a certain extent, such as AV and a couple other things which are easy to uninstall, but when you get a computer with 20+ programs you will never need — that’s annoying) and that undoubtedly pays for Windows… It wouldn’t be that much either seeing as they buy Windows in bulk.

#6 Posted by JoeMonco on Aug 26, 2011 1:40 PM

“0.5- 'Windows XP wouldn’t reinstall for some reason’: That’s odd. I suspect either a hardware failure (bad CD drive?) or PEBKAC).”

My suspicion is that either the motherboard or the PSU is beginning to fail. The switched-mode voltage regulating circuits in both of these components are usually built with electrolytic capacitors that are supposed to be there to smooth out the ripple currents from the input and the output, and they do generally work fantastically during the first few years of service. However, electrolytic capacitors are never built to last, and when the electrolytes (which conduct electricity if you still remember your high-school chemistry) inevitably dry up due to evaporation, the internal resistance (or “equivalent series resistance” since we are talking about capacitors here) will begin to increase and, as a result, causes excessive heat and even more internal resistance until the capacitors themselves can no longer serve properly as reservoirs of electrical charges. This means that the ripples that the capacitors are supposed to even out will then enter straight into the power supply rails and muck up whatever circuits relying on these rails for signal or bias voltages. From a user’s point of view (or my personal experience), this means that the system will appear to be just fine for the first few minutes and then quickly descent into an endless frenzy of freezing or auto-restarts.

But, hey, Linux FreesTehCapacitorz™, right?

#7 Posted by reactosguy on Aug 26, 2011 1:43 PM

ListOfFiveReasons™, imgx64. ListOfFiveReasons™.

#8 Posted by masterLoki on Aug 26, 2011 8:42 PM

We should have “N reasons to use Linux this month” section/TM

#9 Posted by Adam_King on Aug 26, 2011 8:46 PM

No. What we really need a section detailing Masterloki’s steadily progressing brain tumor.

#10 Posted by Retrocognition on Aug 26, 2011 10:38 PM

Le Sigh.

Wasn’t there a trademark a while back about TopTenReasons or something? Seriously, what’s with the freetards and 5-10?

Anyhoo. We’ve seen far worse shopping lists so dissecting this example of @sswipery should be a breeze.

1) Yeah, okay. I’m not a fan of activation either. But seriously, who cares? You have to use it once, maybe twice over the course of many years of using your OS. It’s not as much of a big deal as this guy would have us believe. Ditching Windows because of activation makes about as much sense as refusing to buy a car because you don’t want to sign any paperwork. Also, MacOS doesn’t require activation.

2) The usual “it used to suck but now it’s awesome” rubbish. I believe linux_victim went over that one too. It installed fine? Great. But he still mentions a problem with his printer that likely didn’t occur in Windows.

3) The usual roundup of open source apps. He doesn’t acknowledge that these same apps are available for Windows and Mac. He makes it sound as if it makes transition easier but never stops to rationalize why you need a whole new OS to run apps available everywhere else. Like most freetards, he also fails to acknowledge that these open source apps are poor in comparison to proprietary apps and that’s all you get in Linux.

4) Free. He admits he’s a cheapskate and believes free equals superior. 'nuff said.

5) Translation: Linux kinda blows as a desktop OS but that’s alright since the desktop is becoming obsolete thanks to THECLOUD.

6) Oh Lord. The tired old cliche about Linux bringing dead PCs back to life. Because, y’know, Linux is the only OS in existence to have a low footprint.

7) A repeat of 2), and I suspect a spacefiller just so his list would round off to 10. Yes, Linux support has improved over the last decade. That still doesn’t change the fact that breakage and driver failure is still a constant issue, highlighted by the fact that the author himself had a printer issue as mentioned earlier.

8) It’s “totally non-geek friendly”, except that he had to hunt on forums to fix his printer issue. Yeah. I can just see grandma doing that. And inevitably invoking the terminal

9) Oh puh-leeze. Hardware and software works with Windows and yet it’s somehow less value than broken Linux. It’s also pretty sly of him to label Windows as expensive and then bring up Windows 7 ULTIMATE as an example. Yeah buttface, we totally saw through that one.

10) Yawn. Security again. Weak. 'cuz downloading MS Security Essentials and making sure it’s up-to-date is impossible. A lot harder than learning archaic Unix commands, I’d wager.

#11 Posted by masterLoki on Aug 27, 2011 1:07 AM

“Seriously, what’s with the freetards and 5-10?”

They realize they only have 5 fingers in a hand, when see both they count to then. Ain’t that right Adam? And keep you pants up sonny, I don’t wanna see any “eleven” reasons anytime soon.

I liked the brain tumour, such a nice touch to keep scatological and sexual innuendos out. Do I have an entry on you blog now?

#12 Posted by reactosguy on Aug 31, 2011 10:45 AM


You’re looking for MyTopTenList™, I believe.

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