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All the time, whenever it is mentioned that Linux has a pitifully low market share, the old excuse is hauled out about there being “no effective way to measure market share” and so obviously Linux must really be soaring! Really, I must ask, if this is the case, why is Windows what I see on everyone’s computers? Oh yes, because Micro$oft is an evil organisation that lies. Sorry, but you’ve had the chance time and time again to make Linux work to the point people enjoyed using it and you’ve never taken the opportunity. So it is small wonder that I gave up entirely on this sorry excuse for an Operating System when I realised this. Linux is far too dominated by little a*******s who substitute quality for a particular license for it to grow.

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#1 Posted by kurkosdr on Aug 7, 2010 9:59 AM

I fact, linux market share is a canonical lie.

The folks at canonical measure market share by counting the amount of completed iso downloads and then comparing them to Windows 7 license purchases (OEM and retail), and this is how they measure their market share.

Which of course means that the Ubuntu 10.04 emergency disc I have as an lying somewhere in my closet, or that little broken installation of 7.04 I have in my old laptop counts as legitimate market share, according to canonical.

As the author of the TM says, just look around what people are actually using (hint: it’s Windows and MacOS X), and it should give you an idea about the true market share of each OS.

Sometimes, I see rare cases of broken ubuntu installations coexisting with Windows, but the only part of them people use is the bootloader, so they can get to Windows. Are these guys nuts, or just trying to look tech hip? (it’s an enstablished fact that every know-it-all tech hipster has to have a broken ubuntu installation on his notebook, even if it has no real purpose)

#2 Posted by JoeMonco on Aug 10, 2010 2:32 PM


You know how often Internet bozos talk about “fixing” a computer with Knoppix (just like people used to partition/image their hard drives with DOS back in the 90s)? Well, I tried, with a crippled Scientific Linux install, and it couldn’t even pick up both of the disks from the RAID-1 Linux software array I had got there and ended up losing sync between the two. Just picture what would happen if the array was on RAID-0, I dare you.

#3 Posted by Linux_Victim on Aug 12, 2010 6:24 AM

It’s always funny, when the same statistics are never questioned by the crowd, when they show a rise of the marketshare of firefox or Linux on the server.

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