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Weirdly, some Loons will actually go on to non-Loon sites and accuse people of being “trolls.” What’s up with that? They’ve bypassed “shills” and picked the next stupid insult out of thin air.

Clearly, there are people who are in fact “shills” — ie, they are paid by the hour, or on some other metric, to promote Miracle Fraudulene.

They’re not nearly as common as your average Linux paranoiac would have us believe. In fact, they are incredibly difficult to spot.

But then again, what would you do with people who make these insane claims? Who knows? Landfill?

Will they go up a level and replace “trolls” with “vampires?”

Vampires? Well, I wouldn’t know, guv. Linux appears to be a huge success at this point. It’s sucked all the blood it could possibly suck out of IBM, HP and Solaris.

But it would be nice if, for once, the Loons would admit that the engine of their success is, basically, a blood-sucker.

God knows, the thing sucks in so many other ways.

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