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Apr 14, 2012 1:28 PM

Just because, as a Linux user, you can happily (or otherwise) switch between distros as the mood takes you, and then nit-pick about their relative merits, there’s a general assumption that the rest of the world works the same way.

The latest Loon Lemma is that “people won’t switch from XP (Pogson) or 7 (slightly more sane) to Windows 8.”

Well, maybe not. And what rational conclusion can be drawn from this lemma? That people will switch to super computers or toasters, possibly? Then again, they could buy a docking station for their Android phone and enter a world of instant pain.

Nope, the Loon conclusion is that they will, like a herd of wildebeest on acid, switch en masse to Ubuntu. (Most of them have given up on Slackware or even Debian by now.)

Actually, what 99% of the population who do not own Macs will do is the following:

(1) If they’re happy with their current computer, they will stay happy with their current computer.
(2) If they need a new computer, they will buy a new computer.

In the case of (1), only a closeted retard bred on the assumption that you rotate your OS every six months would venture to suggest that switching to a Linux Desktop, any Linux Desktop, is a likely event.

Case (2) is slightly more interesting, which is probably why the Loons don’t bother to analyse it very closely. Your new computer either comes with Windows 7, which people like and which will probably remain the standard for at least another five years. Alternatively, it comes with Windows 8, and there’s no obvious popular groundswell behind that one.

Success! The masses have proleptically spoken! (Even before the official release of 8.) Once more, Phoenux1 will rise from the ashes!

Except, it won’t. Microsoft’s worst case scenario, I would imagine, is that people will demand (and receive) a way of switching back to Windows 7.

Now, it’s a decent point to make that this will hurt both Microsoft’s bottom line, and its reputation. It will almost certainly get Sinofsky fired.

The implication that anybody who has ever used a GUI in their life will automatically switch to Linux is … well, there’s a word for it. I’m not sure what that word is. It may not even be in common parlance. But I’m sure you can find it in DSM-IV.


[1] Why has nobody yet created a distro called Phoenux? People in general like fried chicken. And Linux people in particular like fried capacitors.

It’s a match made by the Greek Gods.

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#1 Posted by garegin on Apr 15, 2012 12:29 AM

the bottom line is that the consumer has two sane choices. windows or mac. mac is overpriced, so that's out for many people. you are left with windows. it sucks a lot in lot of ways, but it's the best deal you got.

even before sp1 came out, was vista better than ubuntu wanking walrus? i think not.


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